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Murru Minya wants to hear and connect with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the lands and waterways of this vast, beautiful country. We want to partner and listen to the community who have had experiences with health research, good or bad and help us shape guidance for the future of health research.

No matter how small or large your community is or where it is located within the country, we want your experiences to help make positive changes to health research for you and our generations to come.

If you are a community wanting to get involved, we encourage you to message us. Once you complete this form, we will get back in contact with you quickly to connect and answer any questions you might have. We will then follow your directions on appropriate community and governing approvals for your involvement in this research project.

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Ethics Contacts and Approvals

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research needs to be governed and led by Aboriginal voices and leadership; this means we also need to have the proper ethical process to protect our mob.

Murru Minya acknowledges the need for all research impacting the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to have appropriate ethical approvals and appropriate oversight. Our way of showing our commitment and ensuring that this is adhered to is by listing all Ethics Bodies contacts and approvals. Head over to our community page to find out more.

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